Additional information on HDMI
HDMI Control and synchronized operations
HDMI Control allows you to operate external devices via HDMI. If you connect a TV
that supports HDMI Control to the unit with an HDMI cable, you can control the unit
(such as power and volume) with TV remote control operations. You can also control
external devices (such as HDMI Control-compatible BD/DVD players) connected to
the unit with an HDMI cable.
Operations available from the TV’s remote control
• Standby
Volume control including mute
Switching to input audio from the TV when the TV input is switched to its built-in
Switching to input video/audio from the selected playback device
Switching between audio output devices (the unit or TV speaker)
HDMI Control HDMI Control
The unit turns off
Playback device
also turns off
Turn off the TV
Operations available from the unit’s remote control
Starting playback on the playback device and turning on the TV with a scene
Switching the TV input to display the “Setup” menu (when SETUP is pressed)
Controlling the external device from which video is displayed on the TV (playback
and menu operations)
Controlling the TV when you select TV audio input that is set in “TV Audio Input” in
the “Setup” menu
Controlling the TV with the color (RED/GREEN/YELLOW/BLUE) keys of the remote
control when “TV Control” is set for the color keys
HDMI Control HDMI Control
Playback starts Turns on and displays video
from the playback device
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To use HDMI Control, you need to perform the following HDMI Control link setup after
connecting the TV and playback devices.
For details on settings and operating your TV, refer to the instruction manual for the TV.
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1Turn on the unit, TV, and playback devices.
2Enable the HDMI Control function on the unit, TV and HDMI
Control-compatible playback devices (such as BD/DVD players).
In order to enable the HDMI Control function on the unit, set “HDMI
Control” in the “Setup” menu to “On”, and then configure the settings in
related items (“TV Audio Input”, “Standby Sync”, “ARC” and “SCENE”).
For details, see the following:
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3Turn off the main power of the TV and then turn off the unit and
playback devices.
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