4Turn on the unit and playback devices and then turn on the TV.
5Switch the TV input to display the video from the unit.
6Check that the input, to which the playback device is connected
on the unit, is selected.
If not, select the input source manually.
7Check that the video from the playback device is displayed on the
8Check that the unit is properly synchronized with the TV by
turning off the TV or adjusting the TV volume with the TV remote
I5 HDMI Control 3o4s not work prop4rly, t74 pro1l4m m0y 14 solv43 1y turn8n6 t74 pl0y102k 34v824 o55 0n3
on 0608n, or 1y unplu668n6 t74 pow4r plu6 0n3 plu668n6 8t 8n 0608n. Also, HDMI Control m0y not work
prop4rly 85 t74 num14r o5 2onn42t43 34v824s 4x2443s t74 l8m8t. In t78s 20s4, 38s01l4 HDMI Control on
34v824s not 8n us4.
I5 t74 un8t 8s not syn27ron8z43 to t74 TV’s pow4r op4r0t8ons, 2742k t74 pr8or8ty o5 t74 0u38o output s4tt8n6
on t74 TV.
W4 r42omm4n3 us8n6 TV 0n3 pl0y102k 34v824s 5rom t74 s0m4 m0nu502tur4r so t70t HDMI Control works
mor4 45542t8v4ly.
Audio Return Channel (ARC)
ARC allows you to input TV audio to the unit with the HDMI cable which transmits video
signal to the TV.
Check the following after the HDMI Control settings.
For 34t08ls on t74 HDMI Control s4tt8n6s, s44 t74 5ollow8n6:
HDMI Control 0n3 syn27ron8z43 op4r0t8ons p.
1Select a TV program with the TV remote control.
2Check that the input source of the unit will be automatically
switched to “AUDIO1” and the TV audio will be played back on the
If you cannot hear the TV audio, check the following:
“ARC” in the “Setup” menu is set to “On”. For details, see the following:
– “Setting the use of ARC” (p.99)
The HDMI cable is connected to the ARC-compatible HDMI jack (HDMI jack marked
“ARC”) on the TV.
Some HDMI jack on the TV is not compatible with ARC. For details, refer to the
instruction manual for the TV.
I5 t74 0u38o 8s 8nt4rrupt43 w78l4 us8n6 ARC, s4t ARC 8n t74 S4tup m4nu to O55 0n3 us4 0 3868t0l opt820l
201l4 to 8nput TV 0u38o to t74 un8t. For 34t08ls, s44 t74 5ollow8n6:
S4tt8n6 t74 us4 o5 ARC p.
OPTICAL 902k p.
W74n us8n6 ARC, 2onn42t 0 TV w8t7 0n HDMI 201l4 t70t supports ARC.
AUDIO 8s s4t 0s TV 0u38o 8nput 0t t74 502tory. I5 you 70v4 2onn42t43 0ny 4xt4rn0l 34v824 to t74 AUDIO
 902ks, us4 TV Au38o Input 8n t74 S4tup m4nu to 270n64 t74 TV 0u38o 8nput 0ss86nm4nt. To us4 t74
SCENE 5un2t8on, you 0lso n443 to 270n64 t74 8nput 0ss86nm4nt 5or SCENE TV. For 34t08ls, s44 t74
S4tt8n6 t74 0u38o 902k us43 5or TV 0u38o 8nput p.
R468st4r8n6 0 s24n4 p.
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