Speaker systems and speakers to be connected
Select the speaker layout for the number of speakers that you are using and place the
speakers and subwoofer in your room.
Speaker type
Speaker system
(the number of channels)
5.1 3.1 2.1
Front (L/R) 1/2  
Center 3
Surround (L/R) 4/5
Subwoofer 9  
Speaker requirements
Speakers and subwoofers to be connected to the unit must meet the following
(U.S.A. and Canada models only)
Under its default settings, the unit is configured for 8-ohm speakers. When
connecting 6-ohm speakers, set the unit’s speaker impedance to “6 Ω MIN”. For
details, see the following:
– “Setting the speaker impedance” (p.18)
(Except for U.S.A. and Canada models)
Use speakers with an impedance of at least 6 W.
Use a subwoofer with built-in amplifier.
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