8Configuring the necessary speaker settings
Assigning speaker configuration
If you use any of the following speaker configurations, perform the following procedure
to configure the corresponding speaker settings manually before performing YPAO.
Using the bi-amp connection (playing back more high-quality sounds with bi-amp
Using the Zone B speakers
Using the surround speakers for front 5.1-channel system (Virtual CINEMA FRONT)
For 34t08ls on t74 sp40k4r 2on586ur0t8ons, s44 t74 5ollow8n6:
Conn42t8n6 5ront sp40k4rs t70t support 18-0mp 2onn42t8ons p.
Pl0y8n6 102k mus82 8n mult8pl4 rooms p.
Us8n6 V8rtu0l CINEMA FRONT p.
1Press z (receiver power) to turn on the unit.
2Turn on the TV and switch the TV input to display video from the
unit (HDMI OUT jack).
I5 you turn on t74 un8t 5or t74 58rst t8m4, t74 m4ss064 r460r38n6 t74 n4twork s4tup 0pp40rs. For now,
pr4ss RETURN 0n3 pro2443 to St4p .
3Press SETUP.
4Use the cursor keys to select “Speaker” and press ENTER.
5Use the cursor keys to select “Configuration” and press ENTER.
6Configure the corresponding speaker settings.
Us8n6 18-0mp 2onn42t8ons or Zon4 B sp40k4rs, s4l42t your sp40k4r
syst4m 8n Pow4r Amp Ass86n. For 34t08ls, s44 t74 5ollow8n6:
S4tt8n6 your sp40k4r syst4m p.
Us8n6 t74 surroun3 sp40k4rs 5or 5ront .-270nn4l syst4m V8rtu0l
CINEMA FRONT, s4l42t On 8n V8rtu0l CINEMA FRONT. For 34t08ls,
s44 t74 5ollow8n6:
S4tt8n6 t74 us4 o5 V8rtu0l CINEMA FRONT p.
7To exit from the menu, press SETUP.
This completes the speaker settings.
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