9Setting MusicCast
What is MusicCast
MusicCast is a brand new wireless musical solution from Yamaha, allowing you to
share music among all of your rooms with a variety of devices. You can enjoy music
from your smartphone, PC, NAS drive and music streaming service anywhere in your
house with one easy-to-use application. For more details and a lineup of MusicCast
compatible products, refer to the following site:
Seamlessly control all MusicCast compatible devices with the dedicated application
Link a MusicCast compatible device to another device in a different room and play
them back simultaneously.
Play back music from music streaming services. (The compatible music streaming
services may differ depending on your region and product).
Configure wireless network settings of MusicCast compatible devices.
Using MusicCast CONTROLLER
To use the network features on the MusicCast compatible device, you need the
dedicated application “MusicCast CONTROLLER” for the operation. Search for the
free application “MusicCast CONTROLLER” on the App Store or Google Play and
install it to your device.
Adding the unit to the MusicCast network
Perform the following procedure to add the unit to the MusicCast network. You can
also configure the unit’s wireless network settings at once.
T74 SSID 0n3 s42ur8ty k4y 5or your n4twork w8ll 14 n44343.
1Tap the “MusicCast CONTROLLER” application icon on your
mobile device and tap “Setup”.
I5 you 70v4 0lr403y 2onn42t43 ot74r Mus82C0st 2omp0t81l4 34v824s to t74 n4twork, t0p S4tt8n6s
0n3 t74n A33 N4w D4v824.
2Operate the “MusicCast CONTROLLER” application following the
on screen instructions, then hold down CONNECT on the front
panel of the unit for 5 seconds.
3Operate the “MusicCast CONTROLLER” application following the
onscreen instructions to set up the network.
This completes adding the unit to the MusicCast network and the network settings.
A8rPl0y 0n3 DSD 0u38o 20nnot 14 34l8v4r43.
W74n t74 38r42t pl0y102k mo34 8s 4n01l43, 8nput sour24s ot74r t70n t74 n4twork sour24s, Blu4toot7 0n3
USB 20nnot 14 34l8v4r43.
I5 you 2on586ur4 t74 un8t's w8r4l4ss s4tt8n6s w8t7 t78s m4t7o3, t74 w8r4l4ss LAN 8n3820tor o5 t74 5ront 38spl0y
l867ts up w74n t74 un8t 8s 2onn42t8n6 to 0 n4twork 4v4n 85 0 w8r43 2onn42t8on 8s us43.
You 20n 8nt4rlo2k t74 pow4r o5 Mus82C0st 34v824s w8t7 t74 pow4r o5 t74 un8t t74 Mus82C0st m0st4r. For
34t08ls on t74 s4tt8n6s, s44 t74 5ollow8n6:
S4tt8n6 t74 pow4r 8nt4rlo2k 5rom t74 un8t to Mus82C0st 2omp0t81l4 34v824s p.
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