Enjoying music in multiple rooms
Playing back music in multiple rooms
The Zone A/B function allows you to play back an input source in the room where the
unit is installed (Zone A) and in another room (Zone B).
For example, you can turn on Zone A (turn off Zone B) when you are in the living room,
and turn on Zone B (turn off Zone A) when you are in the study room. Also, you can
turn on both zones when you want to enjoy the same input source in those rooms
Living room (Zone A)
Study room (Zone B)
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A39ust8n6 t74 volum4 5or Zon4 B s4p0r0t4ly p.
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For 34t08ls, s44 t74 5ollow8n6:
R468st4r8n6 0 s24n4 p.
Connecting Zone B speakers
Connect the device that will be used in Zone B to the unit.
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Connect the speakers placed in Zone B to the unit with speaker cables.
To utilize the SURROUND/BI-AMP/ZONE B terminals for Zone B speakers, set “Power
Amp Assign” in the “Setup” menu to “Zone B” after connecting the power cable to an
AC wall outlet. For details, see the following:
“Setting your speaker system” (p.92)
1 2
1 2
The unit (rear)
Zone A
Zone B
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Zon4 B sp40k4rs
B8-0mp sp40k4rs
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