Playing back music stored on media servers (PCs/NAS)
Media sharing setup on media servers (PCs/NAS)
To play back music files stored on your media servers, first you need to configure the
media sharing setting on each music server.
The setting procedure may vary depending on the media server. The following
procedure is a setup example for Windows Media Player 12.
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1Start Windows Media Player 12 on your PC.
2Select “Stream”, then “Turn on media streaming”.
3Click “Turn on media streaming”.
4Select “Allowed” from the drop-down list next to the unit’s model
5Click “OK” to exit.
This completes the settings.
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Playing back music stored on media servers (PCs/
You can play back music files stored on your media server on the unit.
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1Press NET to select “SERVER” as the input source.
The browse screen is displayed on the TV.
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2Use the cursor keys to select a music server and press ENTER.
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