Listening to Internet radio
Selecting an Internet radio station
Select an Internet radio station and start playback.
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1Press NET to select “NET RADIO” as the input source.
The browse screen is displayed on the TV.
2Use the cursor keys to select an item and press ENTER.
If an Internet radio station is selected, playback starts and the playback
screen is displayed.
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Registering favorite Internet radio stations
You can register the Internet radio station in playback at present to the “Favorites”
1While listening to Internet radio, press OPTION.
2Use the cursor keys to select “Add to favorites” and press
On the playback screen, the current station is added to the “Favorites”
folder. On the browse screen, the station selected in the list is added to
the “Favorites” folder.
When the registering process finishes, the “Option” menu closes
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