Option menu items
Use the following table to configure playback settings of the unit.
Av08l01l4 8t4ms v0ry 34p4n38n6 on t74 s4l42t43 8nput sour24.
T4xt 8n p0r4nt74s4s 34not4s 8n3820tors on t74 5ront 38spl0y.
D4p4n38n6 on t74 r468on o5 pur270s4, som4 m4nu 8t4ms 5or 0u38o str40m8n6 s4rv824s 0r4 0lso 0v08l01l4.
Item Function Page
Input Select (Input Select) Switches the input source. p.78
Tone Control (Tone Control) Adjusts the level of high-frequency range and low-
frequency range individually. p.78
Program (PRG) Select the sound programs and stereo playback. p.78
Select which surround decoder is used when
Sur.Decode is selected as the program. p.80
DSP Level
(DSP Level) Adjusts the sound field effect level. p.80
Adaptive DRC
Sets whether the dynamic range (from maximum to
minimum) is automatically adjusted to the volume. p.80
(Enhancer) Enables/disables Compressed Music Enhancer. p.81
Volume Trim
(Volume Trim)
Input Trim
(In.Trim) Corrects volume differences between input sources. p.81
Subwoofer Trim
(SW.Trim) Fine-adjusts the subwoofer volume. p.81
ZoneB Trim
(ZB.Trim) Corrects volume differences between Zone A/B. p.81
Lipsync (Lipsync) Enables/disables the “Lipsync” setting in the “Setup”
menu. p.81
Signal Information (Signal Info.) Displays information about the video/audio signals. p.82
Audio In (Audio In) Combines the video of the selected input source with
the audio of a different input source. p.82
Video Out (Video Out) Selects a video source to be output together with the
selected audio source. p.83
FM Mode (FM Mode) Switches between “Stereo” and “Monaural” for FM
radio reception. p.83
Item Function Page
Preset (Preset)
Auto Preset
Automatically registers FM radio stations with strong
signals as presets. p.84
Clear Preset
(CLEAR) Clear radio stations registered to preset numbers. p.84
Traffic Program
(U.K., Europe, Russia and Middle East models only)
Automatically searches for a traffic information
Shuffle (Shuffle) Configures the shuffle setting. p.85
Repeat (Repeat) Configures the repeat setting. p.86
Volume Interlock (Vol.Interlock) Enables/disables volume control from iTunes/iPhone
via AirPlay. p.86
Add to favorites (Add to Fav.)
Remove from favorites
Adds your favorite Internet radio station to the
“Favorites” folder, or removes it from the “Favorites”
Init Scan (Init Scan) (RX-D485 only)
Performs an initial scan for DAB radio reception. p.87
Tune AID (Tune AID) (RX-D485 only)
Checks reception strength of each DAB channel. p.87
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