Switching the input source
Switches the input source. Press ENTER to switch to the selected input source.
Option menu
“Input Select”
Adjusting the tone of the audio output
Adjusts the level of high-frequency range (Treble) and low-frequency range (Bass)
Option menu
“Tone Control”
Treble, Bass
Setting range
-6.0 dB to +6.0 dB (0.5 dB increments)
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Configuring DSP/Surround
nSelecting sound programs
Select sound programs and stereo playback.
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Option menu
“DSP/Surround” > “Program”
Hall in Munich
This program simulates a Munich concert hall with approximately 2,500
seats that uses stylish wood for the interior finishing. Fine, beautiful
reverberations spread richly, creating a calming atmosphere. The
listener’s virtual seat is at the center left of the arena.
Hall in Vienna
This program simulates a 1700-seat, middle-sized concert hall with a
shoebox shape that is traditional in Vienna. Pillars and ornate carvings
create extremely complex reverberations from all around the audience,
producing a very full, rich sound.
This program creates a relatively wide space with a high ceiling, like an
audience hall in a palace. It offers pleasant reverberations that are
suitable for courtly music and chamber music.
Cellar Club
This program simulates an intimate concert venue with a low ceiling and
homey atmosphere. A realistic, live sound field delivers powerful sounds
that make you feel as if you are sitting in the front row in front of a small
The Roxy Theatre
This program creates the sound field of a 460-seat rock music concert
venue in Los Angeles. The listener’s virtual seat is at the center left of the
The Bottom Line
This program creates the sound field at stage front in The Bottom Line, a
famous New York jazz club once. The floor can seat 300 people to the
left and right in a sound field offering real and vibrant sound.
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