This program allows listeners to enjoy the rich vividness of sport
broadcasts and light entertainment programs. In sports broadcasts, the
commentators’ voices are positioned clearly at the center, while the
atmosphere inside the stadium is realistically conveyed by the peripheral
delivery of the sounds of the fans in a suitable space.
Action Game
This program is suitable for action games, such as car racing and
fighting games. The reality of, and emphasis on, various effects makes
the player feel like they are right in the middle of the action, allowing for
greater concentration. Use this program in combination with Compressed
Music Enhancer for a more dynamic and strong sound field.
Roleplaying Game
This program is suitable for role-playing and adventure games. This
program adds depth to the sound field for natural and realistic
reproduction of background music, special effects, and dialogue from a
wide variety of scenes. Use this program in combination with
Compressed Music Enhancer for a clearer and more spatial sound field.
Music Video
This program allows you to enjoy videos of pop, rock, and jazz concerts,
as if you were there yourself. Immerse yourself in the hot concert
atmosphere thanks to the vividness of the singers and solos on stage, a
presence sound field that emphasizes the beat of rhythm instruments,
and a surround sound field that reproduces the space of a big live hall.
This program creates a sound field that emphasizes the surround feeling
without disturbing the original acoustic positioning of multichannel audio.
Its design is based on the concept of the ideal movie theater, in which
the audience is surrounded by beautiful reverberations from the left,
right, and rear.
This program delivers the scale and grandeur of spectacular movie
productions. It delivers an expansive sound space to match the
cinemascope wide-screen, and boasts a broad dynamic range,
providing everything from small delicate sounds to powerful loud booms.
This program clearly reproduces the finely elaborated sound design of
the latest Sci-Fi and SFX movies. You can enjoy a variety of
cinematographically created virtual spaces reproduced with clear
separation between dialogue, sound effects, and background music.
This program is ideal for reproducing the sound design of action and
adventure movies precisely. The sound field restrains reverberations, but
puts emphasis on reproducing a sensation of expansiveness on both
sides, powerful space expanded widely to the left and right. The
restrained depth creates a clear and powerful space, while also
maintaining the articulation of the sounds and the separation of the
This program features stable reverberations that match a wide range of
movie genres, from serious dramas to musicals and comedies. The
reverberations are modest, but suitably stereophonic. The sound effects
and background music are reproduced with a gentle echo that does not
impinge on the articulation of the dialogue. You’ll never get tired listening
for long periods.
Mono Movie
This program reproduces monaural video sources, such as classic
movies, in an atmosphere of a good old movie theater. The program
creates a pleasant space with depth, by adding breadth and the
appropriate reverberation to the original audio.
2ch Stereo
Use this program to mix down multichannel sources to 2 channels. When
multichannel signals are input, they are down mixed to 2 channels and
output from the front speakers (this program does not utilize CINEMA
5ch Stereo
Use this program to output sound from all speakers. When you play back
multichannel sources, the unit mixes down the source to 2 channels, and
then outputs the sound from all speakers. This program creates a larger
sound field and is ideal for background music at parties.
Sur.Decode The surround decoder enables multichannel playback from 2-channel
sources without sound field effects.
When the straight decode mode is enabled, the unit produces stereo
sound from the front speakers for 2-channel sources such as CDs, and
produces unprocessed multichannel sounds for multichannel sources.
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