Setup menu items
Use the following table to configure various functions of the unit.
Menu Item Function Page
Power Amp Assign Selects a speaker system. p.92
Subwoofer Selects whether or not a subwoofer is connected. p.92
Front Selects the size of the front speakers. p.93
Center Selects whether or not a center speaker is connected and its size. p.93
Surround Selects whether or not surround speakers are connected and their size. p.94
Crossover Sets the lower limit of the low-frequency component that can be output from speakers whose size is set to “Small”. p.94
Subwoofer Phase Sets the phase of the subwoofer. p.95
Extra Bass Enables/disables Extra Bass. p.95
Virtual CINEMA FRONT Enables/disables the front 5-channel speaker (Virtual CINEMA FRONT) configuration. p.95
Distance Sets the distance between each speaker and the listening position. p.95
Level Adjusts the volume of each speaker. p.96
Equalizer Adjusts the tone with an equalizer. p.96
Test Tone Enables/disables the test tone output. p.97
HDMI Control Enables/disables HDMI Control. p.98
Audio Output Enables/disables audio output from a TV. p.98
Standby Through Selects whether to output video/audio (input through HDMI jacks) to the TV when the unit is in standby mode. p.98
4K Upscaling Enables/disables the upscaling function. p.98
HDCP Version Selects the version of HDCP used on the HDMI input jacks. p.99
TV Audio Input Selects an audio input jack of the unit to be used for TV audio input. p.99
Standby Sync Selects whether to use HDMI control to link the standby behavior of the TV and the unit. p.99
ARC Enables/disables ARC. p.99
SCENE Enables/disables SCENE link playback. p.100
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