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DSP Parameter
Panorama Enables/disables the broadening effect of the front sound field. p.101
Center Width Adjusts the broadening effect of the center sound field. p.101
Dimension Adjusts the difference in level between the front and surround sound fields. p.101
Center Image Adjusts the center localization (broadening effect) of the front sound field. p.101
Monaural Mix Enables/disables monaural sound output. p.102
Lipsync Select Selects the method to adjust the delay between video and audio output. p.102
Adjustment Adjusts the delay between video and audio output manually. p.102
Dialogue Dialogue Level Adjusts the volume of dialogue sounds. p.102
Scale Switches the scale of the volume display. p.103
Dynamic Range Selects the dynamic range adjustment method for bitstream audio (Dolby Digital and DTS signals) playback. p.103
Max Volume Sets the limit value of the volume. p.103
Initial Volume Sets the initial volume for when this receiver is turned on. p.103
ZoneB Volume Selects whether to adjust the volume for Zone B in conjunction with the volume for Zone A. p.104
ECO Auto Power Standby Set the amount of time for the auto-standby function. p.105
ECO Mode Enables/disables the eco mode (power saving mode). p.105
Input Rename Changes the input source name displayed on the front display. p.106
Input Skip Set which input sources are skipped when operating the INPUT key. p.107
Dimmer Adjusts the brightness of the front display. p.107
Memory Guard Prevents accidental changes to the settings. p.107
Remote Color Key Set the unit's functions for the RED/GREEN/YELLOW/BLUE keys of the remote control. p.108
Information Displays the network information of the unit. p.109
Network Connection Selects the network connection method. p.109
IP Address Configures the network parameters (such as IP address). p.109
MAC Address Filter Sets the MAC address filter to limit access to the unit from other network devices. p.110
DMC Control Selects whether to allow a Digital Media Controller (DMC) to control playback. p.111
Network Standby Selects whether to enable/disable the function that turns on the unit from other network devices. p.111
Network Name Edits the network name (the unit’s name on the network) displayed on other network devices. p.112
MusicCast Link Power Interlock Selects whether turning on the power of the master device of the MusicCast network (this unit) also turns on the
power of other devices of the network. p.112
Network Update Updates the firmware via the network. p.112
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