Configuring the HDMI settings
Setting the use of HDMI Control
Enables/disables HDMI Control. HDMI Control allows you to operate external devices
via HDMI.
Setup menu
“HDMI” > “HDMI Control”
Off Disables HDMI Control.
Enables HDMI Control.
Configure the settings in “TV Audio Input”, “Standby Sync”, “ARC”, and
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Setting the output of HDMI audio from the TV
Enables/disables audio output from a TV connected to the HDMI OUT jack when
“HDMI Control” is set to “Off”.
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Setup menu
“HDMI” > “Audio Output”
Off Disables audio output from the TV.
On Enables audio output from the TV.
Setting the use of HDMI Standby Through
Select whether to output video/audio (input through HDMI jacks) to the TV when the
unit is in standby mode.
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Setup menu
“HDMI” > “Standby Through”
Off Does not output video/audio to the TV.
Auto Automatically selects whether to output video/audio depending on the
status of the connected device.
On Outputs video/audio to the TV.
(The unit consumes more power than when “Off” or “Auto” is selected.)
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S4tt8n6 t74 us4 o5 HDMI Control p.
Setting the use of 4K upscaling of the HDMI video
Enables/disables the upscaling function. When it is enabled, 1080p content is
displayed at 4K resolution.
Setup menu
“HDMI” > “4K Upscaling”
Off Disables the upscaling function.
On Enables the upscaling function.
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