Owner’s Manual
Setting Up
Setting Up
Keyboard Stand Assembly
1The parts shown in the “Assembly Parts” illustration will be used. Follow the assembly instructions and select
the parts as needed.
Read these cautions carefully before you assemble or use the keyboard stand.
These cautions are to promote safe use of the stand and to prevent injury and damage from occurring to you and others. By fol-
lowing these cautions carefully, your keyboard stand will provide you with safe and prolonged use.
• Be careful not to confuse parts, and be sure to install all parts in the correct direction. Please assemble in accordance with the
sequence given below.
• Assembly should be carried out by at least two persons.
• Be sure to use the correct screw size, as indicated below. Use of incorrect screws can cause damage.
• Use the stand after assembly is complete. An uncompleted stand may overturn or the keyboard may drop.
• Always place the stand on a flat, stable surface. Placing the stand on uneven surfaces may cause it to become unstable or over-
turn, the keyboard to drop, or injury.
• Do not use the stand for anything other than its designed purpose. Placing other objects on the stand may result in the object
dropping or the stand overturning.
• Do not apply excessive force to the keyboard as it may cause the stand to overturn or the keyboard to drop.
• Make sure the stand is sturdy and safe, and all screws have been tight and firm before use. If not, the stand may overturn, the
keyboard may drop, or may result in injury to the user.
• To disassemble, reverse the assembly sequence given below.
Have a phillips-head (+) screwdriver of the appropriate size ready.
qJoint connectors
(4 pcs.)
w6 x 70 mm
screws (4 pcs.)
e6 x 30 mm
screws (4 pcs.)
r5 x 16 mm
screws (4 pcs.)
1Assembly Parts
Back board
Setting Up
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