Connecting to a Computer
Owner’s Manual
Use Musicsoft Downloader To
Transfer Songs From the Accessory
CD-ROM To the Instrument’s flash
1Install the Musicsoft Downloader and
USB-MIDI driver to your computer, then
connect the computer and the instru-
ment (page 104).
2Insert the included CD-ROM into the
CD-ROM drive.
3Double-click the Musicsoft Downloader
shortcut icon that is created on the
This will launch the Musicsoft Downloader appli-
cation and the main window will appear.
4Click the “Add File” button and the Add
File window will appear.
5Click the button to the right of “Look in”
and select the CD-ROM drive from the
drop-down menu that appears. Double-
click the “SampleData” Folder on the
window. Select the file from the “Song-
Data” Folder you want to transfer to the
instrument, and click “Open”.
At this point you can select a Style or Music
Database file on the computer or CD-ROM and
transfer it to the instrument in the same way as a
song file.
6A copy of the selected MIDI song file
will appear in the “List of files stored
temporarily” at the top of the window.
The memory medium will also be displayed at the
bottom of the window to specify the destination
for the transfer. Click “Instrument”, and then
“Flash memory”.
7After selecting the file in the “List of
files stored temporarily”, click the down-
ward [Move] button and a confirmation
message will appear. Click [OK] and the
song will be transferred from the “List
of files stored temporarily” to the instru-
ment’s memory.
• If a song or style is being played, stop playback before pro-
• The instrument cannot be operated while the Musicsoft
Downloader is running.
wDouble-click “SampleData”
Folder “SongData” Folder,
and click a song file.
qClick the CD-ROM drive
• Files transferred to a USB flash memory root directory
using the Musicsoft Downloader—any location outside
the USER FILES folder on the USB flash memory
device—cannot be deleted via the instrument’s file con-
trol display. Use the Musicsoft Downloader delete button
to delete such files.
qClick the “Electronic Musical Instru-
ments”, and then “Flash Memory”
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