Connecting to a Computer
Owner’s Manual 101
8Close the window to end the Musicsoft
9To playback a song stored in flash
memory, press the [SONG] button.
Use the dial to select the song you want
to play, then press the [START/STOP]
button to start playback.
Transfer a Backup file from the
instrument to a computer
You can use the Musicsoft Downloader to transfer
“Backup” files containing Registration Memory and
FUNCTION settings to a computer. If you click
“Electronic Musical Instruments” in the Musicsoft
Downloader display, and then “System Drive”, a file
named “10PG88G.bup” will appear in the lower right
corner of the Musicsoft Downloader display. This is
the backup file. For details about how to transfer
backup files using the Musicsoft Downloader applica-
tion, refer to the Online help “Transferring Data
Between the Computer and Instrument (for unpro-
tected data)” in the application.
• End the Musicsoft Downloader to playback the file trans-
ferred from your computer.
• Do not unplug the USB cable during a data transfer. Not
only will the data not be transferred and saved, but opera-
tion of the memory media may become unstable and its
contents may disappear completely when the power is
turned on or off.
• Store data can be lost due to equipment malfunction or
improper operation. For safety we recommend that you
keep a copy of all important data stored on your computer.
To Use transferred Songs For Lessons...
When using songs (only SMF format 0 and 1) trans-
ferred from a computer for lessons you can specify
which channels are to be played back as the right-
hand and left-hand parts.
1Press the [SONG] button and select the song
(036–) residing in flash memory for which you
want to set the guide track.
2Press the [FUNCTION] button.
3Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] buttons to
select the R-Part or L-Part item.
4Use the dial to select the channel you want to
play back as the specified right- or left-hand
The default settings are channel 1 for the right-hand
part and channel 2 for the left-hand part.
• The backup file is transmitted/received as a single file. As a
result, all registration memory data will be overwritten
every time you transmit or receive. Keep this in mind when
transferring data.
• Do not rename the backup file on the computer. If you do
so it will not be recognized when transferred to the instru-
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