Setting Up
Owner’s Manual 11
Setting Up
2Attach the stand bases.
Insert the joint connectors q into the side boards as
shown. The joint connectors have been installed
properly if you can see the screw head on the con-
Attach the “L” (Left) and “R” (Right) stand bases
to the bottom of the side boards, using the screws
w. “L” (Left) and “R” (Right) are marked on the
upper surfaces of the stand bases. If you have trou-
ble fastening the screws, use a screwdriver to rotate
the joint connectors so that the connector holes are
aligned with the screw holes on the stand bases.
3Attach the back board.
Attach the back board, using the screws e. Check
the back-to-front orientation for the side boards.
Make sure the non-colored surface is facing down.
w6 x 70 mm
roundhead screws
e6 x 30 mm roundhead screws
• If you put the connectors in wrong direction and want to
take them out, tap around the holes on the boards.
• Be careful not to drop the back board or touch the
sharp metal fittings.
• If you have purchased an optional pedal unit, attach the
pedal unit before proceeding to the next step. Refer to the
instructions provided with your pedal unit.
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