Owner’s Manual 111
Saving... Displayed while saving data in the memory. Never turn the power off while saving.
Doing so may result in data loss.
Send OK? Confirms whether the data transmission is executed or not.
Sending... Displayed while transmitting data.
“Since the media is in use now, this
function is not available.”
Indicates that the file control function is currently unavailable since the media is being
Style data is too large to load. Indicates that style data cannot be loaded since the style data is too large.
Sure ? [YES/NO] Reconfirms whether each operation is executed or not.
“The limit of the media has been reached.” Indicates that saving data cannot be executed since the folder/directory structure has
become too complicated.
The media is not formatted. Indicates the inserted media has not been formatted.
“The media is write-protected.” Indicates that the inserted media cannot be written since it is write-protected. Set to
the write-protect switch to the “overwrite” position before use.
The notation cannot be displayed, since
this song is not allowed to display the
This message will appear if you attempt to display the score of a song for which score
display is prohibited.
“The song data is too large to be converted
to notation.”
Indicates that the score cannot be displayed since the song data is too large.
There are too many files. Indicates that saving data cannot be executed since the total number of files exceeds
the capacity.
“This function is not available now.” Indicates the designated function is not available since the instrument is executing
another job.
[nnn] “file name” Indicates the file name of the currently transmitting. “nnn” indicates the receiving
LCD Message Comment
• Not all the messages are listed in the table: the mes-
sages necessary to be explained only.
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