Setting Up
Owner’s Manual
Setting Up
4Put the keyboard on the stand.
Check the back-to-front orientation for stand, and
carefully place the keyboard on the side boards.
Slowly move the keyboard so that the holes on the
bottom of the keyboard are properly aligned with
the holes on the angle brackets.
5Install the keyboard to the stand.
Fix the keyboard to the angle brackets, using the
screws r.
At least
10 cm
At least
10 cm
Be sure to place your hands at
least 10 cm from either end of the
keyboard when positioning it.
r5 x 16 mm
• Be careful not to drop the keyboard or to get your fin-
gers caught between the keyboard and the stand parts.
• Do not hold the keyboard in any position other than the
position shown in the illustration.
Post-assembly checklist
Once you’ve assembled the stand, check the follow-
ing points:
Are there any parts left over?
If so, read the assembly instructions again and
correct any errors you might have made.
Is the instrument clear of doors and other movable
If not, move the instrument to an appropriate
Does the instrument make a rattling noise when you
play it or move it?
If so, properly tighten all screws.
Also, if the keyboard makes a creaking noise or
seems unsteady when you play it, refer carefully to
the assembly instructions and diagrams and
retighten all screws.
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