Setting Up
Owner’s Manual 13
Setting Up
Be sure to do the following operations BEFORE turning on the power.
Power Requirements
1Make sure that the [ ](Standby/On) switch of the
instrument is in the “Standby” position.
2Connect the AC adaptor to the power supply jack.
3Plug the AC adaptor into an AC outlet.
Make all necessary connections below BEFORE turning the power on.
Connecting Headphones (PHONES/OUTPUT Jack)
Any pair of stereo headphones with a 1/4" stereo
phone plug can be plugged in here for convenient
monitoring. The speakers are automatically shut off
when a plug is inserted into this jack.
The PHONES/OUTPUT jack also functions as an
external output. You can connect the PHONES/OUT-
PUT jack to a keyboard amplifier, stereo system,
mixer, tape recorder, or other line-level audio device
to send the instrument’s output signal to that device.
Connecting a Footswitch (SUSTAIN Jack)
The sustain function lets you produce a natural sustain
as you play by pressing a footswitch. Plug the sup-
plied footswitch into this jack and use it to switch sus-
tain on and off.
• Use the specified adaptor (page 112). The use of other
adaptors may result in irreparable damage to both the
adaptor and the instrument.
• Unplug the AC Power Adaptor when not using the
instrument, or during electrical storms.
AC outlet
AC power
• Avoid listening with the headphones at high volume for
long periods of time; doing so may not only result in ear
fatigue, it may be damaging to your hearing.
• To prevent damage to the speakers, set the volume of the
external devices at the minimum setting before connecting
them. Failure to observe these cautions may result in elec-
tric shock or equipment damage. Also, be sure to set the
volumes of all devices at their minimum levels and gradu-
ally raise the volume controls while playing the instrument
to set the desired listening level.
• The sustain function does not affect split voices.
• Make sure that the footswitch plug is properly connected to
the SUSTAIN jack before turning on the power.
• Do not press the footswitch while turning the power on. Doing
this changes the recognized polarity of the footswitch, result-
ing in reversed footswitch operation.
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