Setting Up
Owner’s Manual
Setting Up
Connecting a Pedal Unit (PEDAL UNIT jack)
This jack is for connecting an optional LP-7A pedal
unit. When connecting the pedal unit, make sure to
also assemble the unit on the supplied keyboard stand.
LP-7A (optional)
• Make sure that power is OFF when connecting or disconnect-
ing the pedal.
Pedal Unit Functions
The optional pedal unit has three foot pedals that produce a range of expres-
sive effects similar to those produced by the pedals on an acoustic piano.
The pedal unit does not affect the split voice when the keyboard is in split
Damper (Right) Pedal
The damper pedal functions in the same way as a damper pedal on an
acoustic piano. When the damper pedal is pressed, notes sustain longer.
Releasing the pedal immediately stops (damps) any sustained notes.
A “half-pedal” effect lets you use the damper pedal to create partial sus-
tain effects, depending on how far down you press the pedal.
* When using both the Footswitch and pedal unit, the last effect applied takes
Sostenuto (Center) Pedal
If you play a note or chord on the keyboard and press the sostenuto
pedal while the note(s) are held, those notes will sustain as long as you
hold the pedal (as if the damper pedal had been pressed) but all subse-
quently played notes will not be sustained. This makes it possible to
sustain a chord, for example, while other notes are played “staccato.”
Soft (Left) Pedal
The soft pedal reduces the volume and slightly changes the timbre of
notes played while the pedal is pressed. The soft pedal will not affect
notes that are already playing when it is pressed.
When you press the damper
pedal here, the notes you play
before you release the pedal
have a longer sustain.
When you press the sostenuto
pedal here while holding the
note, the note will sustain as
long as you hold the pedal.
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