Setting Up
Owner’s Manual 15
Setting Up
Connecting to a Computer (USB Terminal)
Connect the instrument’s USB terminal to the USB
terminal of a computer, and you can transfer perfor-
mance data and song files between the two (page 97).
Turning the Power On
The [ ](Standby/On) switch turns the power to the
instrument on ( ) or standby ( ).
Turn down the volume by turning the [MASTER
VOLUME] control to the left and press the
[ ](Standby/On) switch to turn on the power. Press
the [ ](Standby/On) switch again to turn the power
Backup data in the flash memory is loaded to the
instrument when the power is turned on. If no backup
data exists on flash memory, all instrument settings
are restored to the initial factory defaults when the
power is turned on.
• Even when the switch is in the “STANDBY” position, elec-
tricity is still flowing to the instrument at the minimum
level. When you are not using the instrument for a long
time, make sure you unplug the AC power adaptor from
the wall AC outlet.
• Never attempt to turn the power off when a “WRITING!”
message is shown in the display. Doing so can damage the
flash memory and result in a loss of data.
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