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Try Playing a Variety of Instrument Voices
In addition to piano, organ, and other “standard” keyboard instruments, this instru-
ment has a large range of voices that includes guitar, bass, strings, sax, trumpet,
drums and percussion, sound effects … a wide variety of musical sounds.
This procedure selects the main voice you will play on the keyboard.
1Press the [VOICE] button.
The main voice selection display will appear.
The currently selected voice number and name will be highlighted.
2Select the voice you want to play.
While watching the highlighted voice name rotate the dial. The avail-
able voices will be selected and displayed in sequence. The voice
selected here becomes the main voice.
For this example select the “117 Flute” voice.
Select and Play a Voice—MAIN
The currently selected voice
number and name
• See the separate Data List
for a complete list of the
available voices.
Select 117 Flute
Quick Guide
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