Quick Guide
Try Playing a Variety of Instrument Voices
Owner’s Manual 21
Once you press the [SPLIT ON/OFF] button to turn the split function on, you can play different voices
to the left and right of the keyboard “split point”. The main and dual voices can be played to the right of
the split point, while the voice played to the left of the split point is known as the “split voice”. The cur-
rently selected split voice name and number will be displayed in the MAIN display. The split point set-
ting can be changed as required (page 80).
Press the button a second time to turn the split voice function off.
A suitable split voice is automatically selected when you turn on this func-
tion, but you can easily select a different split voice (page 73).
Play Different Voices with the Left and Right Hands—SPLIT
Split voice
Split point
Main voice and dual voice
Split voice number and name
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