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Playing Styles
This instrument has an auto accompaniment feature that produces accompaniment
(rhythm + bass + chords) in the style you choose to match chords you play with your
left hand. You can select from 165 different styles covering a range of musical genres
and time signatures. In this section we’ll learn how to use the auto accompaniment fea-
Most styles includes a rhythm part. You can select from a wide variety of rhythmic types—rock, blues,
Euro trance, and many, many more. Let’s begin by listening to just the basic rhythm. The rhythm part is
played using percussion instruments only.
1Press the [STYLE] button.
The style select display will appear. The currently selected style num-
ber and name will be highlighted.
2Select a style.
Use the dial to select the style you want to use. A list of all the avail-
able styles is provided in the Style List of the separate Data List.
3Press the [START/STOP] button.
The style rhythm will start playing. Press the [START/STOP] button a
second time when you want to stop playback.
Select a Style Rhythm
The currently selected style
• You can also use the style
files provided on the sup-
plied CD-ROM (page 102).
• The “Serenade” style in the
Waltz category and all styles
in the Pianist category have
no rhythm part and therefore
no rhythm will play if you use
them for the above example.
For these styles first turn
auto accompaniment on as
described on page 25,
press the [START/STOP]
button, and the accompani-
ment bass and chord parts
will begin playing when you
play a key to the left of the
keyboard split point.
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