Quick Guide
Playing Styles
Owner’s Manual 25
You learned how to select a style rhythm on the preceding page. Here we’ll see how to add bass and
chord accompaniment to the basic rhythm to produce a full, rich accompaniment that you can play
along with.
1Press the [STYLE] button and select the desired
For this example select the “153 PianoBoogie” style.
2Turn automatic accompaniment on.
Press the [ACMP ON/OFF] button. Pressing this button a second time
will turn automatic accompaniment off.
3Turn sync start on.
Press the [SYNC START] button to turn the sync start function on.
When sync start is on, the bass and chord accompaniment included in
a style will start playing as soon as you play a note to left of the key-
board split point. Press the button a second time to turn the sync start
function off.
Play Along with a Style
When automatic accompaniment is on ...
The area of the keyboard to the left of the split point (54: F#2) becomes the
“auto accompaniment range” and is used only for specifying the accompani-
ment chords.
This icon appears when automatic
accompaniment is on.
Auto accompaniment range
Split point (54: F#2)
Flashes when
sync start is on.
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