Quick Guide
Playing Songs
Owner’s Manual 29
The songs are organized by category.
3Listen to the song.
Press the [START/STOP] button to begin playback of the selected
You can stop playback at any time by pressing the [START/STOP]
button again.
The red lamp lights on the first beat of every measure when a song is
playing.The other beats are indicated with a green light.
• The songs in this category have been created to give you an idea of
the advanced capabilities of this instrument.
• These songs features some of the instrument’s many useful voices.
• Use these songs to experience some of the instrument’s advanced
features: song number 9 for the easy song arranger, and songs 10
and 11 for the performance assistant technology feature.
• These piano solo pieces are ideally suited for use as lesson songs.
• A selection of piano ensemble songs that are also well suited for use
as lesson songs.
• When you need to practice backing (accompaniment) patterns, these
are the songs to do it with.
• Songs you record yourself.
• Songs stored on a USB flash memory plugged into the instrument, or
songs transferred from a computer (pages 30 and 99).
Score data for the 30 internal
songs are provided in the
Songbook on the CD-ROM.
The exceptions are songs 1
to 11 and 30. The scores for
songs 9 to 11 are provided in
the separate Data List.
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