Quick Guide
Playing Songs
Owner’s Manual 31
These are just like the transport controls on a cassette deck or CD player, letting you fast forward [FF],
rewind [REW] and pause [PAUSE] playback of the song.
Press the [DEMO/BGM] button. The demo song will start playing. Listen to some of the outstanding
instrument voices provided!
The demo song will automatically repeat from the beginning after it has played all the way through.
You can stop demo playback at any time by pressing the [DEMO/BGM] button or [START/STOP] but-
With the default setting only one demo song is played back and repeated
when the [DEMO/BGM] button is pressed. This setting can be changed so
that all internal songs are played, or all songs transferred to the instrument
from a computer are played. Five playback group settings are provided. Sim-
ply select the one that suits your needs. (page 85)
Song Fast Forward, Fast Reverse, and Pause
Press the fast reverse
button to rapidly
return to an earlier
point in the song.
Press the fast forward
button to rapidly skip
ahead to a later point
in the song.
Press the pause button
to pause playback.
When lit the functions indi-
cated by the labels above
the buttons can be used.
Play the Demo Song
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