Basic Operation
Owner’s Manual 35
2Use the dial to select an item or value.
When you select a basic function, the item
corresponding to that function will be
listed in the display. You can then use the
dial or the number buttons [0]–[9] to select
the desired item.
Changing Values
Rotate the dial clockwise to
increase the value of the
selected item, or counterclock-
wise to decrease it’s value.
Rotate the dial continuously to
continuously increase or
decrease the value.
Press the [+] button
briefly to increment the
value by 1, or press the [-]
button briefly to decre-
ment the value by 1. Press
and hold either button to
continuously increment or
decrement the value in the
corresponding direction.
The number buttons can be used to directly enter a
song number or parameter value.
Hundreds or tens digits that are “0” can be omitted
(see below).
When selecting a song, style,
or voice, you can use these
buttons to jump to the first
item in the next or previous
] and
] buttons are useful for
selecting categorized items,
as in the example below.
Example: VOICE SELECT Display
In a display in which a category appears, selection is
easy if you first use the CATEGORY [
] and [
buttons to select the category containing the desired
item, then use the dial or [+] and [-] buttons to select
the item. This can be particularly handy when you
have to select from a large number of voices.
3Start a function.
This is the [START/STOP] button.
Press the [START/STOP] button after pressing the [SONG] or [STYLE] button to start
playback of the selected song or style (rhythm).
The currently selected item
is highlighted in the display.
In this example the [VOICE]
button has been pressed.
[+] and [-] Buttons
Number Buttons [0]–[9]
Press briefly
to increment.
Press briefly
to decrement.
Example: Song number
“003” can be entered in
three ways.
•[0] [0] [3]
•[0] [3]
(“003” will appear on the
display after a brief delay)
(“003” will appear on the
display after a brief delay)
Press number buttons [0], [0], [3].
] and [
] buttons
In most procedures described throughout this
owner’s manual the dial is recommended for selec-
tion simply because it is the easiest and most intui-
tive selection method. Please note however, that
most items or values that can be selected using the
dial can also be selected using the [+] and [-] but-
Jump to the first item
in the next or previ-
ous category.
CATEGORY button [
] mark.
The first voice in the
selected category is
] mark.
Select the category
shown here.
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