Basic Operation
Owner’s Manual
The Displays
Display Names
All operations are carried out while watching the display. A number of display types are provided for different
modes and functions. The name of the current display appears at the top of the display.
MAIN Display
The FUNCTION display provides access to 53 utility functions (page 86).
The FUNCTION display appears when the [FUNCTION] button is pressed. In the FUNCTION display you can
use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] buttons to select 53 different groups of functions. Press the CATEGORY but-
ton(s) as many times as necessary until the required function appears. You can then use the dial, the [+] and [-]
buttons, or the number [0]–[9] buttons to adjust the value of the function as required.
To Return To the MAIN Display
Most basic operations are carried out from the instrument’s MAIN display.
You can return to the MAIN display from any other display by pressing the [EXIT] but-
ton near the lower right corner of the display panel.
The “Press & Hold” Symbol
The “ ” symbol that appears next to some buttons indicates that the button can be
pressed and held for longer than a second to call up a related function. This provides
convenient direct access to a range of functions.
Function item
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