Owner’s Manual
Select a Song For a Lesson
Yamaha Education Suite
You can select song you like and use it for a left-hand, right-hand, or both-hands les-
son. During the lesson you can play as slowly as you like, and you can even play wrong
notes. Song playback will slow down to a speed you can handle. It’s never too late to
start learning!
The practice methods:
Lesson 1—Waiting
In this lesson, try playing the correct notes. Play the note shown in the display. The song will wait until you play
the right note.
1Select a song for your lesson.
Select a song from the Piano Solo, Piano Ensemble category! For this example
try selecting the “012 For Elise”.
2Press [EXIT] button to return to the MAIN display.
3Turn off playback of the part you wish to practice.
The preset songs have separate left- and right-hand parts. You can turn the left-
and right-hand parts on or off as required in order to practice the corresponding
part (the part that is turned off) on the keyboard. The right-hand part is played
by the [R/1] button and the left-hand part is played by the [L/2] button.
Pressing the part buttons [R/1] and [L/2] toggles part playback on and off. Turn
off playback of the part you wish to practice. When you first select a song, both
“1” and “2” indicators with borders light up, indicating that both parts are on.
When you press one of the buttons to turn off playback, the border around the
corresponding part indicator disappears and the corresponding part playback is
Lesson 1—Waiting Learn to play the correct notes.
Lesson 2—Your Tempo Learn to play the correct notes with the correct timing.
Lesson 3—Minus One Learn to play the correct notes at the correct timing along with the song.
Song numbers 10 and 11 are
function demos for perfor-
mance assistant. The les-
son function cannot be used
with them.
• You can also use songs
(only SMF format 0) trans-
ferred from the computer
and saved to flash memory.
(page 100)
• You can also use songs
(only SMF format 0) on a
USB flash memory. (page
• You can turn parts on or off,
even during playback.
lesson (R part is off)
lesson (L part is off)
lesson (R and L parts are off)
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