Select a Song For a Lesson
Owner’s Manual
Lesson 2—Your Tempo
Learn to play the correct notes with the correct timing. Song playback tempo will vary to match the speed you are
playing at. The song will slow down when you play wrong notes, so you can learn at your own pace.
1Select the song and part you want to practice (steps 1 and 3 on
page 38).
2Start Lesson 2.
Press the [YOUR TEMPO] button to start Lesson 2.
Song playback will begin automatically when Lesson 2 is selected.
The triangular marker will appear in the score display, and will move to indicate
the current note in the song. Try to play the notes at the correct timing. As you
learn to play the right notes at the right timing the tempo will increase until
eventually you’ll be playing at the song’s original tempo.
3Stop the Lesson mode.
You can stop the Lesson mode at any time by pressing the [START/STOP] but-
Play while following
the score marker
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