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Owner’s Manual
Practice Makes Perfect—Repeat and Learn
Use this feature when you want to start again just ahead of a section on which you made a mistake, or to repeat-
edly practice a section you find difficult.
Press the [REPEAT & LEARN] button during a lesson. The song location will move
back four measures from the point at which you pressed the button, and playback
will begin after a one-measure count-in. Playback will continue up to the point at
which you pressed the [REPEAT & LEARN] button, and then jump back four mea-
sures and begin again after a count-in. This process will repeat, so all you have to do
is press the [REPEAT & LEARN] button when you make a mistake in order to
repeat practice of that section until you get it right. Press the button again to return to
the normal lesson mode.
• The evaluation feature can
be turned off via the FUNC-
TION Grade item (page 88).
See How You’ve Done
When the lesson song has played all the way through your performance will be
evaluated in 4 levels: OK, Good, Very Good, or Excellent. “Excellent!” is the
highest evaluation.
After the evaluation display has appeared, the lesson will start again from the
• You can change the number
of measures the Repeat and
learn function jumps back
by pressing a number button
[1]–[9] during repeat play-
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