Owner’s Manual 43
The Easy Way to Play Piano
This instrument includes a performance assistant technology feature that lets you play
along with a song and sound like a great pianist (even though you might be making
lots of mistakes)! In fact, you can play any notes and still sound good! You could even
just tap one key and the results would be a beautiful melody. So even if you can’t play
piano and can’t read a note of music, you can have some musical fun.
Performance assistant technology offers four selectable types. Select the type that pro-
duces the best results for you.
Chord...........................No matter where or what you play, the result will be musical, well-balanced
sound. This type offers the greatest freedom, allowing you to play anything
with both your left and right hands.
Chord/Free .................If you can play simple right-hand melodies but have trouble with left-hand
chords, this is the type for you. The Chord type applies to only the left-hand
section of the keyboard, allowing you to easily play chords to support the
melody you are playing with your right hand.
Melody.........................This type lets you play the melody of the selected song by playing any keys
with just one finger. Start playing melodies right away, even if you’ve never
played a keyboard instrument before!
Chord/Melody............Play the melody of the selected song with one finger on the right-hand sec-
tion of the keyboard, and play chords on the left-hand section of the key-
board using the Chord type.
To use the performance assistant technology feature it is necessary to play a song that includes the required chord
and/or melody data. When the Chord and Chord/Free type is selected the performance assistant technology can
only be used with songs that include chord data. When the Melody type is selected the performance assistant tech-
nology will only work with songs that include melody data. When the Chord/Melody type is selected the perfor-
mance assistant technology can only be used with songs that include chord and melody data. In order to find out if
a song includes the required chord data, refer to the Song List in the separate Data List document.
Refer to page 52 for more information on using performance assistant technology to help you play.
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