The Easy Way to Play Piano
Owner’s Manual
CHORD/FREE Type—Applying the Chord Type to the Left Hand Only
Try out the performance assistant technology using the preset song “Nocturne.”
1Press the [P.A.T. ON/OFF] button.
This turns on the performance assistant technology feature.
The currently selected type is shown in the MAIN display when the perfor-
mance assistant technology feature is on.
2Select the CHORD/FREE type.
Press and hold the [P.A.T. ON/OFF] button for longer than a second so that the
performance assistant technology type appears. Select the Chord/Free type by
using the dial.
3Select a song.
For this example try selecting the “011 Nocturne”.
4Press the [START/STOP] button.
Song playback will begin.
The left-hand keys you should play will be shown on the display.
The currently
selected type
Select Chord/Free
Hold for longer
than a second
• Select and Listen to a Song
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