The Easy Way to Play Piano
Owner’s Manual
MELODY Type—Play with One Finger
1Press the [P.A.T. ON/OFF] button.
This turns on the performance assistant technology feature.
The currently selected type is shown in the MAIN display when the perfor-
mance assistant technology feature is on.
2Select the MELODY type.
Press and hold the [P.A.T. ON/OFF] button for longer than a second so that the
performance assistant technology type appears. Select the Melody type by using
the dial.
3Select a song.
For this example try selecting the “012 For Elise”.
4Display the score.
Press the [SCORE] button to call up the melody score in the display.
5Press the [START/STOP] button.
Song playback will begin.
Because the Melody type has been selected, the song melody will not sound.
You can enjoy playing the melody yourself.
The currently
selected type
Select Melody
Hold for longer
than a second
• Select and Listen to a Song
(page 28)
• Displaying the Song Score
(page 32)
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