Owner’s Manual 5
Always turn the power off when the instrument is not in use.
Even when the [ ](Standby/On) switch is in the “Standby” position, electricity is still flowing to the instrument at the minimum level. When you are not using the instrument for
a long time, make sure you unplug the power cord from the wall AC outlet.
To avoid the possibility of damage to the product, data or other property, follow the notices below.
Handling and Maintenance
Do not use the instrument in the vicinity of a TV, radio, stereo equipment, mobile phone, or other electric devices. Otherwise, the instrument, TV, or radio
may generate noise.
Do not expose the instrument to excessive dust or vibrations, or extreme cold or heat (such as in direct sunlight, near a heater, or in a car during the day)
to prevent the possibility of panel disfiguration or damage to the internal components.
Do not place vinyl, plastic or rubber objects on the instrument, since this might discolor the panel or keyboard.
When cleaning the instrument, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use paint thinners, solvents, cleaning fluids, or chemical-impregnated wiping cloths.
During extreme changes in temperature or humidity, condensation may occur and water may collect on the surface of the instrument. If water is left, the
wooden parts may absorb the water and be damaged. Make sure to wipe any water off immediately with a soft cloth.
Saving data
Some data items (page 64) are automatically saved as backup data in the internal memory even if you turn the power off. Saved data may be lost due to
malfunction or incorrect operation. Save important data to a USB storage device/or other external device such as a computer (pages 93–94 and 101).
To protect against data loss through media damage, we recommend that you save your important data onto two USB storage devices/or other external
device such as a computer.
About copyrights
Copying of the commercially available musical data including but not limited to MIDI data and/or audio data is strictly prohibited except for your personal
This product incorporates and bundles computer programs and contents in which Yamaha owns copyrights or with respect to which it has license to use
others’ copyrights. Such copyrighted materials include, without limitation, all computer software, style files, MIDI files, WAVE data, musical scores and
sound recordings. Any unauthorized use of such programs and contents outside of personal use is not permitted under relevant laws. Any violation of
copyright has legal consequences. DON’T MAKE, DISTRIBUTE OR USE ILLEGAL COPIES.
About functions/data bundled with the instrument
Some of the preset songs have been edited for length or arrangement, and may not be exactly the same as the original.
This device is capable of using various types/formats of music data by optimizing them to the proper format music data for use with the device in advance.
As a result, this device may not play them back precisely as their producers or composers originally intended.
About this manual
The illustrations and LCD screens as shown in this manual are for instructional purposes only, and may appear somewhat different from those on your
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft® Corporation in the United States and other countries.
The company names and product names in this manual are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications to the instrument, or data that is lost or destroyed.
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