Owner’s Manual 53
Play Using the Music Database
You want to play music in your favorite style, but you’re not sure how to select the best
voice and style for the type of music you want to play ... simply select the appropriate
style from the Music Database. The panel settings will automatically be adjusted for
the ideal combination of sounds and style!
1Press the [MUSIC DATABASE] button.
A Music Database list will appear in the display.
2Select a Music Database.
Referring to the list on the panel or Music Database List in the separate Data
List, use the dial to select a music database. Select one that matches the image
of the song you intend to play.
3Play the chords with your left hand and melody with your right.
The style will start playing when you play a left-hand chord to the left of the
split point. Refer to pages 26–27 for information about playing chords.
If you press the [EXIT] button to return to the MAIN display at this point you
can check the assigned voice and style.
4Press the [START/STOP] button to stop playback.
• Music Database (MDB) files
transferred from a computer
or stored on a USB flash
memory device connected
to the instrument can be
selected and used in the
same way as the internal
Music Databases (MDB
numbers 306–). File transfer
instructions are provided on
page 100.
Split Point
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