Owner’s Manual
Change a Song’s Style
In addition to each song’s default style, you can select any other style to play the song
with the Easy Song Arranger feature. This means that you can play a song that is nor-
mally a ballad, for example, as a bossa nova, as a hip-hop tune, etc. You can create
totally different arrangements by changing the style with which a song is played.
You can also change the song’s melody voice and the keyboard voice for a complete
change of image.
Listen to the DEMO Song for Easy Song Arranger
The “Hallelujah Chorus” in the preset songs lets you experience the Easy Song Arranger. Playing it.
Press the [SONG] button and use the dial to select “009 Hallelujah Chorus.” Press
the [START/STOP] button begin playback of the song. An explanation of the Easy
Song Arranger feature will appear on the display. As the song progresses the styles
will change, changing the overall image of the song.
Keep in mind that you can enjoy using Easy Song Arranger with other songs as
well—any songs that include chord data.
Using the Easy Song Arranger
Try switching styles while the song plays back.
1Press the [EASY SONG ARRANGER] button from the MAIN dis-
The EASY SONG ARRANGER MAIN display will appear. The currently
selected song name and number will be highlighted.
2Select a Song.
Press the [SONG] button and then rotate the dial to select the song you want to
arrange. Select the songs that include the required chord data referring to the
Song List in the separate Data List.
3Listen to the song.
Press the [START/STOP] button to begin playback of the song. Move on to the
next step while the song is playing.
• The score for Hallelujah
Chorus is provided in the
separate Data List.
The currently selected song
number and name are dis-
played here.
When playing song numbers
010 and 021 to 030 while
using the Easy Song
Arranger, melody tracks will
be automatically muted and
no melody will sound. In
order to hear the melody
tracks you will need to press
the SONG MEMORY but-
tons [3] to [5].
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