Owner’s Manual
Record Your Own Performance
You can record up to 5 of your own performances and save them as user songs 031
through 035. Once your performances have been saved as user songs they can be
played in the same way as the internal songs. User songs can also be saved to a USB
flash memory device, as described on page 94.
1Press the [REC] button.
You can turn off the Record mode by pressing the [REC] button again or [EXIT]
button (The [START/STOP] button indicator stop flashing).
2Start recording.
When you play the keyboard, recording will begin.
3Stop recording.
Press the [REC] button or [START/STOP] button to stop the recording.
4Save the song.
When recording is stopped a message asking if you want to save the song will
appear. Press the [+/YES] button to save the song, or the [-/NO] button if you
don’t want to save the song. If saved, the song will be stored as a MIDI file in
song number 031–035.
To playback the newly recorded performance, press the [START/STOP] button.
• If all User Songs (Song
numbers 031–035) contain
recorded data, Song 031
will automatically be
selected. In this case, you
will record over and erase
any previous data in Song
031, so be careful that you
won’t be erasing any mate-
rial you want to keep!
• Accompaniment cannot be
turned on or off once the
[REC] button is pressed.
The lowest-numbered unrecorded User
Song (Song numbers 031–035) avail-
able for recording is displayed. If you
want to select the Song you will be
recording, select the desired Song
number by using the dial.
Track 1 is
Flashes when
record mode is on.
• After you’ve selected the
desired User Song for
recording, you can select a
Style to be recorded as well.
To do this, press the [STYLE]
button and select the Style
number while the ACMP
indication is on.
• Never attempt to turn the
power off when a “Writ-
ing!” message is shown in
the display. Doing so can
damage the flash memory
and result in a loss of data.
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