Record Your Own Performance
Owner’s Manual
Record a Melody track
Press the melody track button [1]–[5] you want to record to while holding the
[REC] button. Select button [1]–[3] if you want to record a dual voice. Split
voices cannot be recorded.
The selected track will be highlighted in the display.
To cancel recording to a selected track, press that track button a second time.
3Recording will start when you play on the keyboard.
You can also start recording by pressing the [START/STOP] button.
The current measure will be shown on the display during recording.
4Stop recording by pressing the [START/STOP] or [REC] button.
When recording stops the current measure number will return to 001 and the
recorded track numbers in the display will be shown in a box border.
If style accompaniment is on
and track [A] has not yet
been recorded, the style
track [A] will automatically
be selected for recording
when a melody track is
selected. If you only want to
record a melody track, be
sure to turn the style track
[A] off.
Track 1 will be
• If the memory becomes full
during recording a warning
message will appear and
recording will stop automati-
cally. Use the song clear or
track clear (pages 60–61)
function to delete unwanted
data and make more room
available for recording, then
do the recording again.
If you want to record only the
rhythm (percussion) part,
press the [START/STOP]
button to play just the
rhythm, then add the section
change by pressing the
[INTO/ENDING/rit.] button or
[MAIN/AUTO FILL] button.
• If you press the [INTRO/
ENDING/rit.] button while
recording a style track, an
appropriate ending pattern
will play and then recording
will stop.
Current measure
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