Record Your Own Performance
Owner’s Manual 59
5Save the song.
When recording is stopped a message asking if you want to save the song will
appear. Press the [+/YES] button to save the song, or the [-/NO] button if you
don’t want to save the song. If saved, the song will be stored as a MIDI file in
song number 031–035.
If you press the [-/NO] button in response to the confirmation message the song
will not be saved as a MIDI file but will remain in the instrument’s memory
until the power is turned off, so you have the option of converting the song to a
MIDI file and saving it later. To do this press and hold the [REC] button until the
save confirmation message appears, then press the [+/YES] button.
6When the recording is done ...
To playback the newly recorded performance, press the [START/STOP] button.
To Play Back a User Song
User songs are played back in the same way as regular songs (page 28).
To save a User Song to USB flash memory page 94.
• The recorded Song data
will be lost if you turn the
power to the instrument off
without executing the Save
To Record Other Tracks
Repeat steps 2 through 5 to record any of the remaining tracks.
By selecting an unrecorded track—track buttons [1]–[5], [A]—you can
record the new track while listening to previously recorded tracks (the bor-
der around the track number will appear in the display). You can also mute
previously recorded tracks (the border around the track number disappears
in the display) while recording new tracks.
To Re-record a Track
Simple select the track you want to re-record for recording in the normal
The new material will overwrite the previous data.
Data that cannot be recorded
Split voice
The following items are recorded at the beginning of the track. Changes
made during the song will not be recorded.
Time signature, Style number, Style volume
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