Owner’s Manual
GM System Level 1
“GM System Level 1” is an addition to the MIDI standard which ensures that any GM-compatible
music data can be accurately played by any GM-compatible tone generator, regardless of manufacturer.
The GM mark is affixed to all software and hardware products that support GM System Level.
As its name implies, “XGlite” is a simplified version of Yamaha’s high-quality XG tone generation for-
mat. Naturally, you can play back any XG song data using an XGlite tone generator. However, keep in
mind that some songs may play back differently compared to the original data, due to the reduced set of
control parameters and effects.
The Yamaha XF format enhances the SMF (Standard MIDI File) standard with greater functionality and
open-ended expandability for the future. The instrument is capable of displaying lyrics when an XF file
containing lyric data is played.
The Style File Format is Yamaha’s original style file format which uses a unique conversion system to
provide high-quality automatic accompaniment based on a wide range of chord types.
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