Owner’s Manual
Memorize Your Favorite Panel Settings
This instrument has a Registration Memory feature that lets you save your favorite set-
tings for easy recall whenever they’re needed. Up to 32 complete setups can be saved
(8 banks of four setups each).
Saving to the Registration Memory
1Set the panel controls as required—select a voice, accompani-
ment style, etc.
2Press the [BANK] button. A bank number will appear in the dis-
play when you release the button.
3Use the dial or the [1]–[8] number buttons to select a bank num-
ber from 1 to 8.
4Press one of the REGIST MEMORY buttons [1] to [4] while hold-
ing the [BANK] button to store the current panel settings to the
specified registration memory.
Press the [EXIT] button to return to the MAIN display in order to check the
bank and registration memory numbers.
Up to 32 presets (eight
banks of four each)
can be memorized.
Memory 1 Memory 2
8 Banks
Memory 3 Memory 4
Bank number
• Data cannot be saved to the
registration memory during
song playback.
• You can also save your
panel settings memorized to
registration memory button
into USB flash memory as
the user file or to a computer
as the backup file.
• If you select a Registration
Memory number that
already contains data, the
previous data is deleted and
overwritten by the new data.
• Do not turn off the power
while saving settings to the
registration memory, other-
wise the data may be dam-
aged or lost.
Bank number
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