Owner’s Manual
Backup and Initialization
The following settings are always backed up, and are maintained even when the power is turned off. If you want to
initialize the settings, use the Initialize operation “Backup Clear” as explained below.
This function erases all backup data in the instrument’s flash memory and restores the initial default settings. The
following initialization procedures are provided.
Backup Clear
To clear data backed up to the internal flash memory—panel user setting, registra-
tion memory—turn the power on by pressing the [ ] (Standby/On) switch while
holding the highest white key on the keyboard. The backed up data will be erased
and the default values restored.
Initialization does not delete the files transferred from the computer. If you
want to delete the files, see “Deleting Files” below.
Deleting Files
To clear Song, Style, and Music Database files that have been transferred to the
internal flash memory from a computer, turn the power on by pressing the [ ]
(Standby/On) switch while simultaneously holding the highest white key on the key-
board and the three highest black keys.
• You can save the settings as
backup data to your com-
puter, by using the Musicsoft
Downloader (MSD) soft-
ware. Refer to the section
“Transfer a backup file from
the instrument to a com-
puter” on page 101.
The Backup Parameters
Registration Memory
FUNCTION Settings: Tuning, Split Point, Touch Sensitivity, Style Volume,
Song Volume, Metronome Volume, Grade, Demo Can-
cel, Demo Group, Demo Play Mode, Language Selec-
tion, Panel Sustain, Master EQ type, Chord Fingering
• When you execute the
Flash Clear operation, data
you have purchased will
also be cleared. Be sure to
save data you want to keep
to a computer.
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