Play with a Variety of Effects
Owner’s Manual 67
Adding DSP
DSP is term of abbreviated form of Digital Signal Processor. The DSP effect can be added to the Main and Dual
Voices. These range from reverb-like ambience effects to distortion and other dynamic processing tools that let
you enhance the sound, or completely transform it.
1Press the [FUNCTION] button to call up
the FUNCTION display.
Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] buttons
to select the DSP ON/OFF item.
The current setting is displayed.
Use the dial to turn DSP on or off.
Press the [EXIT] button to return to the MAIN
display in order to check the DSP on/off status.
4Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons to select the DSP Type item.
The currently selected DSP type will be displayed.
5Use the dial to select a DSP type.
Refer to the DSP Type List in the separate Data
List for information about the available DSP
• When DSP is turned on, the optimum DSP type for the
current Voice is automatically selected.
• The volume of the currently playing Voice changes when
turning DSP on or off. This is not a malfunction. The
amount of change differs depending on the selected
• The DSP type is an overall setting–only one type can be
selected. For this reason, when you play a newly loaded
Song or Style, for example, the currently playing Voices
may not sound as expected. This is normal, since the
Song or Style has its own DSP type which replaces any
selection you’ve made before loading. A similar phe-
nomenon occurs when you use the [FF], [REW] buttons
or A-B Repeat function during song playback.
Adjusting the DSP Level
You can individually adjust the amount of DSP
that is applied to the main and dual voices.
(See page 87).
When DSP is on the DSP icon
will appear in the display
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