Play with a Variety of Effects
Owner’s Manual
Panel Sustain
This function adds sustain to the keyboard voices. Use
it when you want to add sustain to the voices at all
times, regardless of footswitch operation. The sustain
function does not affect split voice.
1Press the [FUNCTION] button to call up
the FUNCTION display.
2Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons to select the Sustain item.
The current setting is displayed.
3Use the dial to turn panel sustain on or
Pitch Bend
The pitch bend wheel can be used to add smooth pitch
variations to notes you play on the keyboard. Roll the
wheel upward to raise the pitch, or downward to lower
the pitch.
You can change the amount of pitch bend produced by
the wheel, as described on page 87.
• The sustain of some voices may not be markedly
affected when the panel sustain function is turned on.
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