Owner’s Manual
Handy Performance Features
Tap Star t
You can start the song/style by simply tapping the
[TEMPO/TAP] button at the required tempo—4 times
for time signatures in 4, and three times for time sig-
natures in 3. You can change the tempo during song/
style playback by pressing the button just twice.
One Touch Setting
Sometimes selecting the ideal voice to play with a
song or style can be confusing. The One Touch Set-
ting feature automatically selects a well-balanced
voice for you when you select a style or song. Simply
select voice number “000” to activate this feature.
Setting the Click bell sound
This allows you to select whether the click sound has
a bell accent, or plays only a click sound.
1Press the [FUNCTION] button.
2Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons to select the Bell item.
3You can then use the [+] and [-] buttons
to turn the bell sound on or off.
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