Handy Performance Features
Owner’s Manual 71
Adjusting the Metronome Volume
1Press the [FUNCTION] button.
2Use the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons to select the Metronome Volume
3Use the dial to set the metronome vol-
ume as required.
Changing the Display Language
This instrument allows you to select English or Japa-
nese as the display language. The default display lan-
guage is English, but if you switch to Japanese the
lyrics, file names, and some messages will be dis-
played in Japanese where appropriate.
1Press the [FUNCTION] button.
2Press the CATEGORY [
] and [
] but-
tons a number of times until the “Lan-
guage” item appears.
The currently selected display language will
appear below the “Language” item.
When highlighted you can use the [+] and [-] but-
tons to select the language as required.
3Select a display language.
The [+] button selects English and the [-] button
selects Japanese.
The language selection will be stored in the inter-
nal flash memory so that it is retained even when
the power is turned off.
Metronome volume
Language item
The currently selected
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